Developing Leaders for the Church and World

NEW ALSS Emerging Leaders Program, Coming Soon!

Look for our NEW Emerging Leaders Program to be announced at the upcoming ALSS Conference in New York.

Van Lunen Fellows

Individuals serving as the head of a school (have the role of being the direct report to the board), with at least 2 years of experience in this role but not more than 10 years, may apply for a space in the next cohort for executive management training through the Van Lunen Fellows program. Each year ALSS encourages eligible heads of school to apply for the Van Lunen Fellows program.

Ministry Technology Mentors
MTM partners with CUW to provide dual-credit courses and reduced tuition rates for members. 

Additional Resources
Would you like to share additional resources that have been a benefit to you our your school? Please let us know!



evaluation and development TOOL

Personal evaluation is an important part of growing as a leader. We offer three unique tools to guide our members as they seek ways to better their own abilities as they serve our schools. Click the links below to take a closer look at your current skill sets, and decide how to be serve, grow and lead in your ministry.

Emerging Leader

THIS FORM IS TO BE USED FOR COLLECTING RESULTS FOR THOSE WHO ARE EMERGING LEADERS. You do not have any (or limited) school administrative experience.


THIS FORM IS TO BE USED FOR COLLECTING RESULTS FOR THOSE WHO ARE PRINCIPAL OR PRINCIPAL CANDIDATES. You have full time or significant school administrative experience in the roll as a Principal, Dean, Assistant Principal, Staff Leader, etc. Note: An individual who is currently the Principal and reports to the Board of Directors should complete the Executive Director form.

Executive Director

THIS FORM IS TO BE USED FOR COLLECTING RESULTS FOR THOSE WHO ARE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS OR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CANDIDATES. You are currently in a role reporting directly to the Board of Directors or are in a Principal role contemplating an Executive Director role.