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Mission: The mission of the Future Administrator Candidate Training Program (FACT) is to identify, encourage, and prepare participants to be the next generation of Lutheran high school administrators.

Vision: As there is an immediate shortage and long-term crisis in finding competent, Christ-centered administrators for Lutheran high schools, the Association for Lutheran Secondary Schools (ALSS) has developed an accelerated leadership training initiative to bolster the ranks of Lutheran high school administrators.

This one-year cohort program will provide you a well-rounded learning journey—from traditional modes of learning to the very latest in Lutheran school administrator know-how and practitioner experiences. You will spend time and learn with other cohort members, ALSS members, Concordia University partners, and other experts in the field of leadership and school administration. Special emphasis will be placed on “keeping it real” and exposing participants to the “way things really are” as an administrator in the field.

This program is designed to help you discover your leadership strengths and grow in confidence as you begin to use them in new and different ways. By the time you finish the program, you will have enhanced your knowledge, skills, and dispositions as you prepare for a new leadership challenge as a Lutheran administrator.

Unique Aspects of the FACT Program: There are many unique learning experiences participants will partake of in the FACT program. Here are some:

  • Participation in two Summer Institutes (three or four-day residencies)

  • Training and mentoring by current ALSS members/practitioners in the field

  • Constant interaction with guest speakers and presenters, leadership experts, CU education professors, current/past Lutheran administrators

  • Opportunity to participate in annual ALSS Conference at a reduced rate 

  • Opportunity for Concordia University credit to begin your journey on a potential Master’s Degree

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(List the names, positions, and email addresses of the two people who will be sending in a short endorsement of you as a candidate for the FACT program. One should be your school’s head administrator.) Your references should comment on the following (but limit to 400 words or less): • Your leadership and administrative potential • Your strengths and areas to grow • Why he/she is recommending you for the FACT program • The school’s financial commitment to your FACT journey • Any other pertinent information to make the case for your FACT admission Please have your references send their endorsements to ALSS Assistant Executive Director, Jim Pingel, at
Your electronic signature below indicates that you will meet, if selected, all of the requirements of the program including, but not limited to: • Monthly assignments/communiques • Completion of a school related improvement project • Regular contact and work with your ALSS mentor • Full participation in the three residential sessions (two summer institutes and an ALSS Conference)

Your application will be processed after completing these questions and when we receive your two reference endorsements.

The Application due date is April 15, 2019. You will be informed of your enrollment status by April 30, 2019.

The total estimated cost of the one-year FACT program is $3,500 per participant. The cost to you, the applicant, or the school, will be just $1,000. ALSS will be subsidizing the other $2,500 per participant. This includes:

  • Three travel vouchers (up to $400 for each trip) for the two summer Leadership Institutes and ALSS Conference

  • Food & lodging for the two Leadership Institutes and one day at the ALSS Conference

  • Speaker/mentor/experience fees

  • Books, other leadership materials & experiences  

ALSS prefers a one-time payment of $1,000 before the first summer Leadership Institute, but is open to a bi-annual payment plan (the first $500 payment would be due before the first Leadership Institute and the second payment will be due before the ALSS Conference). Please make your check payable to ALSS and send to Dr. David Hahn at 15 Sicada St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

Ministry Technology Mentors
MTM partners with CUW to provide dual-credit courses and reduced tuition rates for members. 

Additional Resources
Would you like to share additional resources that have been a benefit to you our your school? Please let us know!

Van Lunen Fellows

Individuals serving as the head of a school (have the role of being the direct report to the board), with at least 2 years of experience in this role but not more than 10 years, may apply for a space in the next cohort for executive management training through the Van Lunen Fellows program. Each year ALSS encourages eligible heads of school to apply for the Van Lunen Fellows program.